Allergy Treatment

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Elgin area residents ask, “Which treatment can provide relief from allergy symptoms?”

For patients who are suffering from allergies, immunotherapy treatment (allergy shots) may be the best solution to drastically reduce or eliminate allergic symptoms. This is an excellent option for patients who are not seeing a response to medications or who are having persistent symptoms several times throughout the year. It can help some patients wean off medications. Allergy shots are an effective course of treatment for patients suffering from asthma, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, rashes, or venom sting allergies. They are not effective for food, latex, or drug allergies. To begin, allergy shots are administered one to two … Continue Reading

Hoffman Estates allergy sufferers benefit from multi-faceted approach, including safe medicine to manage and ease symptoms

You may have heard of allergy shots. Otherwise known as immunotherapy, they are not technically allergy drugs but rather the measured, gradually increasing injection of the offending substance or substances. By exposing the body to the allergen or allergens, the immune system builds up a tolerance. Over time, you may find you are no longer as sensitive to the substance. As you go through treatment, you’ll want to continue to use allergy medicine as prescribed by Dr. Noga Askenazi. However, with time, you may not be as reliant on your long-term asthma medication. Furthermore, immunotherapy may be a good answer … Continue Reading

Crystal Lake patients ask about their options for treating spring allergies

Spring is the time of year that we want to be outdoors often. The temperature is comfortable and everything begins to turn green and bloom after the long winter. The problem is that springtime air is full of allergens such as tree pollen and spores that can wreak havoc for allergy sufferers. If you’ve spent the spring months sniffling and sneezing with watery eyes, you are familiar with spring allergies. So how do you treat spring allergies? The first step is to discover what allergen is causing your symptoms. There are many spring allergens, so one of the most effective … Continue Reading

Specialists in Elgin accurately diagnose symptoms to develop effective allergy treatment

Four million workdays are lost each year due to allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Food allergies are responsible for a reported 30,000 emergency room visits annually. Allergens such as peanuts and milk often cause a severe reaction: anaphylaxis. Antibiotics such penicillin and winged insects such as honeybees and wasps are common triggers for this life-threatening condition, which causes airway constriction and difficulty breathing. Asthma often goes hand in hand with allergies. This chronic lung condition is responsible for thousands of deaths each year. Other allergy-related complications include: Eczema, a type of chronic skin inflammationSinusitisGreater risk of ear and lung infectionsIncreased … Continue Reading