Lung Function Testing

Lung function tests in Illinois can test for asthma and other lung conditions

The pulmonary system has many functions. One of its primary functions is to move air in and out of the lungs. Many conditions can inhibit proper ventilation and potentially lead to chronic diseases. These types of conditions can be classified into two different groups: restrictive and obstructive. Obstructive conditions occur when there is resistance to air flow out of the lungs. Restrictive conditions occur when the muscles do not expand properly and disrupt the flow of air. Lung function tests are a way for doctors to determine the causes of these problems and come up with a plan for treatment. … Continue Reading

Different types of Lung Function Tests available in Illinois

There are several different reasons a patient might need to undergo lung function testing. Some may be exhibiting symptoms of a lung disease. Others may already have a diagnosis, but the severity of the condition or the effectiveness of treatment needs to be evaluated. At Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates, we offer a variety of lung function tests to help diagnose and treat our patients in Illinois. Spirometry We conduct this common lung function test in our office. It checks the amount of air you can move out of your lungs and how quickly you are able to do that. … Continue Reading

Lung Function Testing in children in Illinois can help diagnose Asthma

Lung function or pulmonary function tests can be performed in children over the age of five and are a valuable resource in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma. The most common test performed on children is called a spirometry test, which determines how well the child’s lungs are working. This type of test measures how much and how quickly a child can move air in and out of the lungs. What is asthma? Asthma affects nearly 5 million children in the United States. This chronic problem is characterized by narrowing and swelling in the airways, which can make breathing difficult. … Continue Reading

Understanding Lung Function and Respiratory Problems for Long Grove, IL

Respiratory problems can be very bothersome for individuals. Symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulty can significantly affect quality of life and the ability to participate in certain leisure activities and hobbies. Lung function testing is a great way for us to diagnose a variety of respiratory problems. By identifying the cause and severity of your issue, we are able to come up with a treatment plan that can relieve your symptoms. Understanding Lung Function Before diagnosing respiratory problems, it is important to understand how the lungs and the rest of the respiratory system work together. The respiratory system … Continue Reading

Your allergist in Crystal Lake, IL can help with breathing difficulty through lung function testing

If you are having difficulty breathing, there is a common test performed in office that can help diagnose your condition. Lung function testing, called Spirometry, evaluates how your lungs are working and can help check for chronic diseases such as asthma, COPD, and Emphysema. How lung function testing works: Lung function testing focuses on testing the amount and speed of air that you can inhale and exhale. The results, when compared with other people in your age and gender group can help determine whether you are in a normal range. The test is done with a spirometer. Prior to taking … Continue Reading

Crystal Lake Lung Function Tests

At the Crystal Lake office of Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates and Food Allergy Center of Illinois, we offer a vital procedure to help determine the functionality and ability of your lungs. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you may have experienced one or more symptoms that have lead you to have a lung function test. Having a lung function test performed can help diagnose a variety of causes including asthma, allergies, emphysema, bronchitis, chronic cough and other respiratory disorders. This test, also called spirometry, delivers data to an analytical machine called a spirometer by ways of you breathing … Continue Reading

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