Oral Ingestion Challenges

IL specialists confirm or rule out suspected food allergies with an oral challenge test

More than a quarter of 40,000 children surveyed outgrew their food allergies, according to the largest study of its kind conducted by researchers from Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Your child is more likely to outgrow a food allergy if he or she: Is allergic to milk, egg, or soy Experienced an allergic reaction at a very young age Has a history of mild to moderate reactions Is allergic to just one food Experiences no more than eczema as a symptom Children with severe swelling, respiratory problems, or anaphylaxis, as well as children with multiple allergies to foods such as … Continue Reading

Northbrook residents ask, “What are the most common food allergy symptoms?”

Nearly 2 percent of adults and 8 percent of children in the United States are affected by some form of food allergy. Food allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to certain foods that are normally harmless. Symptoms from food allergies can occur even after a minuscule amount of the food has been ingested. Often food allergies appear more in people who have family members with allergies. At Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates, Dr. Askenazi and the staff work with patients to determine the cause of food allergies. How do I know if I have a food allergy? Food intolerance … Continue Reading

National Allergy Bureau Pollen and Mold Report.