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Illinois clinic provides advanced Allergy and Asthma care in Illinois

provides advanced Allergy and Asthma care in Illinois
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Allergies are a condition that occurs when the body has an undesirable reaction to a substance to which it would not normally react. We use the term “allergic” when describing a specific sensitivity to an allergen. When patients are allergic to something, the body releases histamine that causes symptoms such as itching, stuffy nose, and sneezing. There are instances when a patient may not necessarily be allergic to a substance, but may instead have a sensitivity. True allergies and sensitivities are treated differently, so it is important to note the distinction.

At Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates in Illinois, we have a team of allergists that can diagnose and treat a wide range of issues including hay fever, sinus problems, asthma, and other immunologic disease. Some of the most common allergic conditions that we treat include food allergies, hives, chronic sinus infections, insect allergies, and medication allergies.

The most common form of testing for allergies is skin testing. This test works for discovering to what substances you are (or are not) allergic to. The most common allergens, substances like pollen, mold, foods, and dander are placed on the back. The skin is then pricked and then left to rest for a short period (less than 20 minutes). After the time is over, we then check for reactions. Skin testing for allergies is safe and effective.

If the skin test shows positive for a specific allergen, treatment will then be discussed. Sometimes the best form of treatment is avoidance of the allergen. For others, there may be a benefit to certain medications or allergy shots. Skin testing is also effective at helping the team identify triggers for conditions such as asthma or eczema.

If the skin test is negative, the good news is that you are not specifically allergic to any of the substances for which you were tested. However, we understand that there is still a reason you came in for testing in the first place. We can still help patients who have sensitivities by making recommendations to help control symptoms.

If you have questions about testing or care for allergies and asthma, call us today at 847 888 8802.


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