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Allergy Crystal Lake - Fan Choice Aword Dr. Hahn
Allergy Crystal Lake - Fan Choice Aword Dr. Askenazi

Patch testing provides a diagnosis for children’s allergies in Crystal Lake

Dr Noga Askenazi M.D Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates describing how patch testing provides a diagnosis for children’s allergies
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Pediatric contact dermatitis has become increasingly popular with positive results in over 40 percent of children. If your child often gets an itchy rash, your doctor may recommend patch testing to determine the cause. With offices in Elgin and Crystal Lake, Drs. Noga Askenazi and Eugenia Hahn of Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates and Food Allergy Center of Illinois are available to perform patch testing for allergies.

Patch testing for contact dermatitis

Patch tests are used to diagnose contact dermatitis. There are two types, allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused when your skin contacts an allergen. Your body reacts by sending out antibodies and chemicals such as histamines to counteract the foreign substance. This causes the red, itchy rash of an allergic reaction. Common causes of allergic contact dermatitis include:

  • Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac
  • Nickel, often found in jewelry
  • Latex
  • Fragrant products
  • Medications used on the skin

What to expect

Prior to medical appointments, it is important to prepare your child so he or she knows what to expect. Patch testing is non-invasive and is not painful. An area of the skin, usually the back, is prepared and cleansed. Potential allergens are placed on the skin. Each area is then covered and sealed to keep it from contacting anything else. In 48-72 hours, the patient returns to the office. The tape is removed and the areas of the skin are examined to determine if a reaction to the specific allergens has occurred. Redness, blisters, or welts indicate an allergic reaction and are a step toward treating the problem.

If you suspect your child has contact dermatitis caused by allergies, call for patch testing. Make an appointment with Dr. Askenazi or Dr. Hahn today. 847-888-8802


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