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Consider skin patch testing for diagnosis of allergies in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL area practice

Patch Testing for Skin Allergies Elgin and Crystal Lake areas
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Have you ever developed a rash or hives on the skin but have been unaware of what triggered it? Do you experience skin irritations and have yet to determine the source of the problem? At Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates, Dr. Eugenia Hahn and Dr. Noga Askenazi, in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL can provide proper diagnosis of skin allergies with patch testing.

What is patch testing?

Patch testing is a way in which an allergy doctor can determine the exact cause of allergic reactions that develop on the skin. This type of testing does not involve needles or injections. Instead, it uses small patches of allergens that are applied to the skin and left for several days to determine one’s unique allergy combinations. This can help determine which substance causes an allergic response. A large sticker is applied to the skin with specifically chosen allergy patches to help stimulate a reaction. This reaction will then notify the doctor of the allergies that are bothersome to an individual.

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What can I expect from patch testing for an allergy diagnosis?

What can I expect from patch testing for an allergy diagnosis Elgin and Crystal Lake areas

When patients develop a reaction to an allergen through patch testing, they will be given a result of the allergies they have. This is extremely helpful when it comes to those who have developed contact dermatitis but are unfamiliar with what caused it. Contact dermatitis may be caused by metals, medicine, latex, certain preservatives, and even hair dyes that cause an allergic response. Once patients have a proper diagnosis, they know what to avoid to reduce their risk of an allergic reaction. If the allergens are unable to be avoided, such as seasonal allergies to trees, dust, or grasses, our team will help patients choose an allergy medicine that can be taken to address the symptoms of their allergies. In some cases, medication may include a prescription for an epinephrine auto injector to use in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

Request skin patch testing with the team at Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates

If you live in the area of Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, and are interested in learning the specific skin allergies that cause you to have an allergic reaction, Dr. Hahn and Dr. Askenazi will welcome you to book an appointment with our staff by calling 847 888 8802. We have three convenient locations that are open to patients seeking answers to their allergy concerns.

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