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Elgin residents seeking improved quality of life and relief from scary symptoms turn to specialized allergy doctor

Specialized Allergy Doctor Elgin
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Your primary care doctor may have referred you to Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates and Food Allergy Center of Illinois. You may have become fed up with concerning and bothersome symptoms, and found us on your own.

Whatever the case may be, our doctors want you to know you are in the best hands possible to manage allergies or asthma. As your allergy doctors in Elgin, Drs. Askenazi and Hahn have specialized expertise in areas including:

  • Range of allergy-specific testing
  • Immunotherapy to decrease symptoms by exposing patients to suspect allergens in a controlled manner
  • Food, drug challenges for proper diagnoses
  • Education on related diseases, meds, management
  • Control of chronic, recurrent related conditions such as eczema, sinusitis, hives, conjunctivitis

As you can see from this list, a number of these specialty areas have big implications for the quality of your life. To get effective treatment, you need to have the medical expertise of asthma and allergy specialists trained to best identify the cause of your conditions and the triggers responsible for your symptoms.

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology reports inappropriate management of allergy and asthma-related symptoms results in a tremendous financial burden and impacts the quality of life for millions of people.

It is estimated that the costs of asthma in medical expenses, missed school and work days, and premature deaths between 2002 to 2007 alone boils down to around $3,300 per person. More than half of asthmatics had an attack in 2008, and asthma was to blame for the deaths of almost 3,500 children and adults in 2010.

Given that so much rides on proper diagnoses, the AAAIA (of which Dr. Askenazi is a board-certified asthma and allergy specialist) has developed guidelines for family physicians to follow in an effort to assure every patient gets proper, effective treatment.

The AAAIA recommends that physicians refer patients to specialists such as Dr. Askenazi if they have had a reaction to a food, have moderate to severe eczema, have reacted to an insect that stings such as a bee or wasp, or have recurrent infections, sinusitis, or persistent asthma-related symptoms.

Some of these guidelines refer directly to hallmarks of these conditions, such as the link of food-related allergies to life-threatening complications such as anaphylaxis and the strong connection between asthma and allergy. The former entails severe complications not limited to a permanent narrowing of the airways that affects how you breathe over time if the condition goes untreated.

Don’t wait to get the best care to treat your unique conditions. Call 847 888 8802 to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals trained to diagnose and treat allergy and asthma.

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