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Crystal Lake allergist uses testing to determine if your symptoms are a result of food allergies

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When you come to Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates in Crystal Lake complaining of symptoms you think are related to food allergies, we will recommend testing. When done properly, allergy tests are a great tool to rule in or out food allergies.

What are food allergies?

For many, eating certain foods can cause an immune system response that produces antibodies against the food. Even small amounts of the food can cause symptoms such as hives, digestive problems, itching in the mouth, inflammation of the lips, face, or tongue, dizziness, or swollen airways. For some people, food allergies can cause extremely severe life-threatening symptoms.

Testing for allergies

Confirming or ruling out food allergies is a multi-faceted process. We will begin by getting a detailed history of symptoms, medical history, and perform an examination. We will recommend a skin prick allergy test.

Skin prick test

Prior to the test, we will ask for a list of any medications that you are currently taking because certain medications can interfere with the skin’s reaction during the test. Dr. Askenazi & Dr. Hahn can advise you on what medications to avoid or continue taking leading up to your test.

During the testing, tiny amounts of the suspected allergen will be placed on the skin and it will be lightly pricked to allow the substance to get beneath the skin’s surface. Skin testing is generally done on the forearm or the back.

If you are allergic to any of the substances, the spot will become red and raised like a mosquito bite.

After the test, Dr. Askenazi can discuss the results with you and describe ways you can minimize your exposure and reduce symptoms.

If you are in the Crystal Lake area and are experiencing symptoms related to food allergies, call 847 888 8802 to schedule an appointment for skin testing.


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