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Lake Barrington patients ask about their options for treating spring allergies

Spring Allergies, Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates
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Spring is the time of year that we want to be outdoors often. The temperature is comfortable and everything begins to turn green and bloom after the long winter. The problem is that springtime air is full of allergens such as tree pollen and spores that can wreak havoc for allergy sufferers. If you’ve spent the spring months sniffling and sneezing with watery eyes, you are familiar with spring allergies.

So how do you treat spring allergies?

The first step is to discover what allergen is causing your symptoms. There are many spring allergens, so one of the most effective ways to find out your particular allergen is through a skin test. They are quick, effective, and accurate at determining what you are allergic to.

Once your allergy trigger is discovered, it is important to keep track of allergen levels in the air. By looking at the pollen count, you can try to avoid prolonged exposure and help keep your symptoms to a minimum.

There are also a number of over the counter methods for reducing your spring allergy symptoms. Many patients start by taking an antihistamine like Claritin each morning in combination with a saline spray. If this combination does not work, you may benefit from a corticosteroid spray.

Some other ways to help control symptoms include:

  • Shower after spending a long time outdoors.
  • Keep your windows closed.
  • Wash bedding, clothes, and other linens often to help remove pollen.

If you do not see any improvement in symptoms after trying over-the-counter medications and lifestyle changes, it’s time for an appointment to look at treatment options including prescription medications.

Prescription strength medications such as antihistamines, nasal steroids, and leukotriene modifiers can help control spring allergies in just a few short weeks.

Another option for treatment is allergy shots. The shots are administered once or twice a week in the beginning. Prescription medications will still be taken to help manage symptoms. Most patients notice a reduction in the amount and severity of symptoms by the next allergy season.

Spring allergy relief for patients in Lake Barrington can be a reality. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about treatment options to manage and reduce your symptoms.

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