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Different types of Lung Function Tests available in Illinois

There are several different reasons a patient might need to undergo lung function testing. Some may be exhibiting symptoms of a lung disease. Others may already have a diagnosis, but the severity of the condition or the effectiveness of treatment needs to be evaluated. At Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates, we offer a variety of lung function tests to help diagnose and treat our patients in Illinois.


We conduct this common lung function test in our office. It checks the amount of air you can move out of your lungs and how quickly you are able to do that. Patients breathe into a mouthpiece that collects the information and records it graphically. Some of the most common conditions that can be diagnosed with spirometry include pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, and COPD. Some of the values that Spirometry tests check for include:

  • The volume of air you can breathe out in one breath (Forced expiratory volume)
  • The volume of air you can breathe out after inhaling deeply (Forced vital capacity)
  • The airflow midway through exhaling (Forced expiratory flow)
  • The volume of air in your lungs after inhaling (Total lung capacity)
  • The volume of air you slowly breathe out after inhaling (Slow vital capacity)
  • The volume of air left in your lungs after a normal exhale ( Functional residual capacity)

Gas diffusion tests

This kind of test can help check how well oxygen and other gases are being absorbed into the bloodstream from the lungs. When this test is performed, we are commonly testing the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood. It can also be used to see how well your lungs transfer carbon monoxide into the bloodstream.

Inhalation Challenges

These tests may be needed to help us determine what is causing asthma. During the challenge test, you will be exposed to specified amounts of the substance through a nebulizer. Spirometry readings are taken before, during, and after, to help identify the substances causing the asthma.

Lung function tests are an excellent way for us to help find the cause of your breathing difficulties and recommend the best treatment methods for you. To learn more about lung function testing for Illinois area residents, call us today.

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