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Barrington area allergist explains: Understanding wheezing and other symptoms of childhood asthma

Understanding wheezing and other symptoms of childhood asthma
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If your child is suffering from a recurring cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, or wheezing, he or she may have a form of asthma. Asthmatic children often complain that their chests hurt, are unable to catch their breath, and have issues participating in physical activity without wheezing.

The exact cause of asthma is unknown. In most cases, it is a combination of environmental factors along with a genetic predisposition to the condition.

How childhood asthma is diagnosed

Diagnosing children with asthma can be difficult. A one-size-fits-all test does not exist that can reveal the cause of your child’s symptoms. At Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates, we are specially trained in determining the cause of childhood asthma along with developing a treatment plan to help your child successfully manage the condition.

To diagnose asthma in children, we’ll want to know more about their symptoms, specifically how often they occur, how long they last, and their severity. We will perform office breathing tests to help diagnose asthma. We can test for allergies that may be the triggers of asthma as well.

Childhood asthma is most commonly triggered by colds or allergens. Asthmatic children are encouraged to undergo allergy testing to help properly diagnose their asthma. Avoidance of particular allergens can play a huge role in improving your child’s asthma.

Living with childhood asthma

The most important aspects of living with childhood asthma are for you and your child to be acutely aware of triggering events, know how to avoid them, and to understand how to use medications properly.

Once your child has been diagnosed with asthma, we will take the time to help you come up with an asthma management plan. Included in the plan is the proper dose for all medication along with instructions on when to call our office or seek emergency help. Your asthma management plan should be shared with any caregivers for your child.

With the right care, your child can be well on the path to managing his or her asthma. If you are in the Barrington area and your child has problems with wheezing or other symptoms of childhood asthma, call our office today to schedule a consultation.


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