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Specialty Testing

Specialty Testing IL - Family with foodsTens of millions of Americans suffer from allergies, and many are undiagnosed. Some types of allergies can be prevented or effectively treated, and others can be avoided. However, until you know what you are allergic to, you are at the mercy of that substance. Symptoms may be continuous, occasional, or seasonal, depending on the trigger. Every person, and every allergy, is unique, making it difficult to determine the precise cause without a scientific test.

At Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates/Food Allergy Center of Illinois, we provide a variety of diagnostic services, to get you started on the path to great health. Our testing methods include:
  • Skin prick test – Most allergies can be detected with skin prick testing, which is fast, comfortable, and accurate. It is performed by exposing the skin to very small amounts of specific potential allergens with a painless prick, and the results can be read in a matter of minutes.
  • Skin patch test – This variation of skin testing takes two or three days to provide results. A tiny amount of suspected allergens is placed on the skin and covered with an adhesive patch.
  • Blood test – On occasion, a blood test may be needed to clarify the results of skin testing.
  • Oral challenge – Food allergies can typically be detected with skin testing. However, on occasion, the only way to determine an allergy is consuming measured amounts of potentially problematic foods under close supervision.
  • Lung-function testing – We use a sophisticated device to measure several aspects of lung functionality, for diagnosis of asthma and other allergy-associated respiratory problems.
Depending on the nature of your symptoms, we may perform a blood test or a lung function test. In the case of food allergies, an oral ingestion challenge, where you consume small quantities of the food protein, may be required for certain diagnosis.

Don’t continue to suffer with uncomfortable or dangerous allergy symptoms. We can help you understand your allergies and control the symptoms. Call (847) 888-8802 Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates/Food Allergy Center of Illinois at and schedule a consultation today. Our offices are located in Crystal Lake and Elgin.
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