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When to see an allergist who serves the St. Charles, IL area

Allergic conditions may affect the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and even the lungs. Some people have allergies from the time they are quite young. Others develop allergic responses to environmental elements, foods, or medicines over time. The difficulty with allergies is that if you aren’t familiar with the nature of the allergic condition, symptoms may be missed or mistaken for something they are not. For many, it is not until they begin working with a skilled allergist in the St. Charles, IL area that they discover the true extent of their symptoms. An allergist may also be called an immunologist, … Continue Reading


Fall Allergy at Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates in Schaumburg Area
You may look forward to the crisp fall air or the changing of the leaves. If you’re an allergy sufferer, though, autumn brings suffering as well as beautiful foliage and a chill in the air. The Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates and Food Allergy Center of Illinois is here fall and year-round to properly diagnose the cause of your disruptive symptoms so that you can get relief. Seasonal Allergies There are many types of allergies. You may be allergic to some insects, foods, or drugs. Any time you come in contact with these allergens swelling, nausea, hives or even severe … Continue Reading

Are you suffering from a venom allergy in Elgin?

The honeybee is arguably the most beneficial of insects. Aside from making 200 million pounds of honey annually, it is estimated that bees pollinate 50 percent of all fruits and vegetables. Imagine how limited our diets would be without them! Yet in the one percent of the population with allergies to insect venom, these bees and four other types of stinging insects inspire fear. The venom from yellow jackets, paper wasps, hornets, and fire ants, also contain proteins that affect the skin and immune system. These proteins cause pain and swelling in anyone. In those with allergies, serious discomfort, swelling, … Continue Reading

Are you looking for an asthma specialist near Elgin?

Asthma does not exist in a vacuum. Asthma is connected to a number of other conditions and diseases. Characterized by breathing difficulties, this condition can be caused by other illnesses, and it can trigger other problems. Since asthma is related to so many other diseases, it’s important to have access to specialists near Elgin with a diverse breadth of experience. The doctors at Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates and Food Allergy Center of Illinois specialize in asthma, but they also specialize in a range of related conditions including: AllergiesEosinophilic esophagitis or esophageal inflammationEczemaAllergic rhinitis or hayfeverSinusitis While asthma may be … Continue Reading

Get relief from allergy-related rashes in Vernon Hills area with specialist expertise

There are many types of rashes with many different causes. Typically characterized by bumps, itching, and redness, rashes may be attributed to illnesses such as the chicken pox and measles, friction, excessive exposure to moisture or heat, and poison ivy and other plants. Eczema and hives are rashes that also represent the most common skin conditions, and both are related to allergies. When your immune system mistakenly perceives a substance such as a food, medication, or insect sting as harmful, it attacks the perceived offender by releasing histamines and other chemicals. Skin inflammation is one of the ways your immune system reacts when … Continue Reading

Treatments bring relief to Crystal Lake residents suffering from skin rash

Skin folds that rub against each other, heat and moisture, psoriasis, fungal infections, viruses, and seemingly innumerable other conditions can cause uncomfortable and unsightly rashes. Allergies alone are responsible for many different types of rashes. It can’t be said enough that allergic rashes may seem like a minor problem, but they can be associated with far more serious medical conditions, depending on the type of allergy. Hives Also called urticaria, this skin reaction ranges from itchy dots to blotches several inches around. They are frequently associated with emotional stress. Foods, however, can trigger this disruptive condition. Common culprits include fish … Continue Reading

Patients in Crystal Lake ask, “How can I get help from specialists for breathing problems caused by allergies?”

Allergies do more than make your skin itch and turn red; the triggers responsible for common skin conditions are also responsible for respiratory problems among many allergy sufferers. The most common type of asthma is caused by allergies. A whopping 90 percent of pediatric asthmatics also suffer from allergies, while around 50 percent of adults have both allergies and asthma. The airway narrowing, swelling, and extra mucus caused by asthma makes it difficult to breathe. Asthmatics may also experience: Tightness in the chestCoughingWheezingProblems sleeping due to shortness of breath All allergy symptoms are the result of your immune system overreacting … Continue Reading

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