Penicillin Allergy

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Discover diagnosis and treatment for a penicillin allergy in Crystal Lake

Once considered a common drug allergy, some penicillin allergies are actually a misdiagnosis. The penicillin rash is not always a true indication of an allergic reaction. Dr. Noga Askenazi and the staff treat patients near Elgin and Crystal Lake. For patients with allergies, such as a penicillin allergy, we offer accurate diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosing penicillin allergies There are cases of true penicillin allergies. If you have experienced a penicillin allergy in the past or believe you are having an allergic reaction now, our team can provide testing to determine if you have a true allergy to penicillin. Prior to … Continue Reading

Specialists in Crystal Lake IL accurately identify penicillin allergy with thorough test for correct treatment

A family of drugs, penicillin is commonly used to kill and stop the growth of bacteria. Penicillin is also a common cause of most drug-related allergies. It is not, however, as common an allergy as many may assume. You may be worried about how your body reacted to a course of antibiotic treatment in the past. You’ll want to tell Dr. Noga Askenazi or the staff about previous side effects such as: HeadachesSore mouth, sores on the tongueMild diarrheaHivesRashesItching Less commonly, penicillin may be associated with joint pain. Rarely, penicillin has caused severe stomachaches, cramping, confusion, seizures, fever, and combativeness. … Continue Reading

Vernon Hills residents question misdiagnosed penicillin allergy symptoms

Ten percent of Americans report being allergic to penicillin. That number may be high. Research now shows that penicillin allergies have been misdiagnosed and over-reported. This often leads to using of alternate antibiotics, possibly more expensive and less effective. Vernon Hills residents who suspect they have penicillin allergy symptoms should contact Dr. Noga Askenazi of Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates and Food Allergy Center of Illinois. Dr. Askenazi provides accurate diagnoses to patients who suspect they have penicillin allergies. How does a misdiagnosis occur? Some patients, especially children, may develop a rash following treatment with a penicillin-based drug. The rash … Continue Reading

Is there an allergy doctor near me in Elgin who tests for penicillin allergy?

Did you know that the vast majority of people who believe they have a penicillin allergy, actually test negative and can safely take it and related drugs? This can lead to overuse of more expensive broad spectrum antibiotics result in an increase in antibiotic resistance. Are you wondering if there is an allergy doctor near me in Elgin who can make an accurate determination? Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates offers penicillin allergy tests. What is penicillin? The penicillin family of antibiotics includes more than 15 related drugs, prescribed to treat bacterial infections. Penicillin is one of the most commonly used … Continue Reading

Skin test in Elgin confirms allergy to penicillin, a common source of misdiagnoses

A true penicillin allergy can result in a host of scary complications ranging from hives, and facial and tongue swelling, to anaphylaxis. However, a large body of research exists to show that allergies to penicillin are overdiagnosed. The complications of misdiagnosing a penicillin allergy include: Drugs that otherwise would be available for treatment are withheldLess appropriate medications are prescribed in lieu of penicillinMuch more expensive antibiotics are prescribed as alternatives to penicillin Just as a true penicillin allergy can negatively affect your health, a false allergy can have negative implications for your health too. Since your well-being is at stake, … Continue Reading

Allergy Specialist in Elgin, IL explains penicillin allergy and the importance of proper diagnosis

Recent research has begun to expose what many doctors have suspected for years, that the number of patients who are actually allergic to penicillin is lower than we think. A Penicillin allergy is diagnosed when your body has an adverse or abnormal reaction to the antibiotic. Penicillin is a common antibiotic that is prescribed for many types of bacterial infections. While not to make light of the allergy, severe allergic reactions to penicillin can include anaphylaxis, it is important to accurately identify the problem so patients can receive the best type of antibiotic treatment available. What is Penicillin? Penicillin is … Continue Reading

Elgin allergists discuss common allergies in kids

Allergies are among the most common childhood conditions in the U.S. The most common pediatric allergies affect the skin or are related to foods. Triggers include peanuts, eggs, and dairy products, as well as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold. While penicillins account for more allergic reactions than any other drug, allergic reactions to drugs are actually generally less frequent in children and seniors. Furthermore, most pediatric allergic reactions are milder in nature than those of their adult counterparts. These reactions may include hives and other skin rashes. While hives come and go, other types of skin rashes may … Continue Reading