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Hoffman Estates residents ask, “Are there allergists are near me?”

Are There Allergists are Near Me
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ou may have become accustomed to the watery eyes, the itchy skin. Maybe the constant congestion, wheezing and coughing is just a part of your life. Maybe it’s been so long since you didn’t have these symptoms that you forgot how great you felt — before the sneezing, the rashes, the runny nose, and other conditions disrupted sleep, work, and social activities.

In one of the biggest surveys about allergies to date, Quest Diagnostics in 2011 reported those with allergies experienced symptoms for 10 weeks every year. Workers with allergies were 10 percent less productive than their non-allergic counterparts. Allergies also account for 4 million missed or lost workdays each year.

In children, allergies are considered the most common chronic medical condition affecting around 3 million kids under age 18.

A lack of proper treatment is associated with chronic sinus inflammation and infection. Chronic sinusitis has been linked with asthma flare-ups, vision problems, and even serious infections such as meningitis. Infections can also interfere with the blood supply to your brain when the veins surrounding the sinuses are affected. Middle ear infections, nasal polyps, and sleep apnea are also common among those individuals whose allergies go untreated.

Anaphylaxis is another serious allergic reaction. Some people may be more susceptible to a systemic or whole-body reaction whereas most may find their reaction is limited to a certain part of the body such as rash or swelling on the face.

When the immune system responds in this way, the chemicals that flood your body to fight off a safe substance perceived as a threat can cause the allergic person to go into shock. It should be noted that just because you have had mild symptoms for some time doesn’t mean the next time you are exposed to the allergen that the severity of the symptoms will be the same. You could have a more serious reaction the next time around. Why take that chance, and why continue to live a less than happy and productive life?

The answer to your question of, “Are there allergists are near me in Hoffman Estates?” can be found right in your backyard. Drs. Noga Askenazi and Eugenia Hahn have specialized training in the areas of allergy and immunology. To schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, call 847 888 8802.

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