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Allergy treatment can provide relief for Long Grove, IL residents

Dr. Noga Askenazi at Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates - Food Allergy Center of Illinois explains how Allergy treatment can provide relief for Long Grove, IL residents
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Immunotherapy is a common form of treatment for relief of allergy symptoms. It decreases the body’s sensitivity to allergens. It works by injecting the patient with small amounts of the allergen (allergy shots) and increasing the dose over several months. It is extremely effective in preventing the progression of allergic reactions into asthma and can provide long-term relief for patients who have suffered greatly from allergies.

Allergy shots are only used for patients who are experiencing asthma, allergic rhinitis (nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing), or insect bite or sting allergy. For patients with food allergies, the best form of treatment is strict avoidance of the triggering food.

Making the decision to receive treatment with immunotherapy is based on several factors:

  • Severity of symptoms
  • Previous response to medications (antihistamines)
  • Ability to make a long term time commitment to treatment
  • The need or desire to avoid use of medications

How immunotherapy works:

Immunotherapy works similar to the way that a vaccine works. Your body gradually develops an immunity or tolerance to the particular allergen after gradually being exposed to it over time. The treatment is typically broken down into two phases. During the first phase, patients will receive injections anywhere from one to two times per week for a period of three to six months. Once the desired effective dose of the allergen is reached, patients will enter a maintenance mode. At this point, there will be longer periods between treatments, anywhere from two to four weeks.

Candidates for immunotherapy:

Children as young as five can receive immunotherapy treatment. There have been studies that have shown the advantages of immunotherapy in preventing new allergies in children. It can also be helpful in preventing the development of asthma in children. Older patients who currently have cardiac disease may encounter increased risk with immunotherapy.

Benefits of immunotherapy:

Patients may notice a reduction of allergy symptoms in the first phase and continue to see progressive results during the course of treatment, but it can take up to twelve months on the maintenance dose to reach maximum effectiveness. Immunotherapy can provide long lasting relief from allergy symptoms and has the potential to prevent development of asthma and allergies in children.

If you are near the Long Grove, IL area and have been suffering from allergies call us today at 847 888 8802 to find out more about how immunotherapy can improve your quality of life.

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