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Allergy testing in Crystal Lake helps accurately diagnose allergies

Allergy Testing in Crystal Lake IL area
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When patients in the Crystal Lake area come to Advanced Allergy and Asthma Associates with potential skin allergies, we may suggest patch testing. It is especially helpful in identifying allergic contact dermatitis (skin rashes) as it’s the only way to tell if a specific substance is causing your reaction.

How it works:

Patch testing reproduces the allergic reaction on the skin. Prior to testing, we will review many of the substances that you are exposed to daily. This allows us to determine which substances to test. Patches will be placed on the upper back, each containing trace amounts of the allergen. They are removed after 48 hours for an initial visual observation. They will then be left on for another 24-72 hours before final evaluation.

During the test:

While the patches are on, it’s important to keep the back from getting wet and limit sweating so that they stay on properly. Once the patches are off it’s important to continue keeping the back dry so we can have an accurate reading.

What happens next when patch testing is positive?

If we observe any reactions to a substance, that means you have tested positive. Reactions can include itching, blisters, and redness. If we discover you are allergic to a substance, we will provide information on the allergen and discuss treatment options. One of the best methods for reducing allergic reactions is avoidance.

Patch testing is extremely effective in testing well-known triggers such as fragrances in perfumes and additives in makeup and skincare products. Patch testing is not effective at testing for food allergies, pollens, molds, trees or pet dander, and hives.

Through patch testing, we can test some of the most common allergens that you are likely to encounter in daily life. If you are in Crystal Lake, call 847-888-8802 today.


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