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Asthma, a chronic condition that disrupts normal breathing, is experienced by nearly 22 million Americans, both children and adults. Those who suffer from asthma are very sensitive to triggers that can cause severe symptoms, which is why it is so important for patients to see an experienced asthma specialist such as Dr. Askenazi to keep the condition under control.

One of the most important aspects of asthma control is being able to identify and avoid your personal triggers. Some of the most common triggers are infections, exercise, weather, smoke, allergens, irritants, and some medications. With the exception of exercise, it’s important to avoid these triggers whenever possible. For exercise, there are pre-treatment medicines that can allow asthma sufferers to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Asthma is diagnosed through a combination of medical history, family history, symptoms, and testing. Your specialist will want to know if you have a family history of asthma or allergies along with specifics on your symptoms. Keeping a journal with details of your symptoms including when they occur and how long they last can be extremely helpful in diagnosing asthma. In addition, x-rays, blood tests, allergy tests and breathing tests can help determine whether you have asthma.

Because asthma is a chronic condition, it can be controlled, but not cured. Patients with properly controlled Asthma are able to prevent symptoms and enjoy relatively normal lives. The two main types of asthma medication are anti-inflammatory drugs and bronchodilators.

Anti- inflammatory drugs

These drugs reduce mucus production and swelling of the airways, minimizing their reaction to triggers. They are taken daily and can help patients experience fewer symptoms and attacks. When taken properly they are very effective at controlling asthma symptoms.


These drugs relax the muscles around the airway, allowing them to remain open for air to move in and out of the lungs. They are also effective in allowing mucus to be more easily removed from the lungs. When taken properly they are great at relieving asthma symptoms quickly. Some long-acting bronchodilators can help control symptoms and prevent attacks.

These drugs can be prescribed in inhaler, nebulizer, or oral forms. For more information on asthma diagnosis and treatment in the Elgin, IL area, contact our office today.


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