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When to see an allergist who serves the St. Charles, IL area

Allergic conditions may affect the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and even the lungs. Some people have allergies from the time they are quite young. Others develop allergic responses to environmental elements, foods, or medicines over time. The difficulty with allergies is that if you aren’t familiar with the nature of the allergic condition, symptoms may be missed or mistaken for something they are not.

For many, it is not until they begin working with a skilled allergist in the St. Charles, IL area that they discover the true extent of their symptoms. An allergist may also be called an immunologist, a Board certified physician who has chosen to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of immunological diseases and allergies.

Dr. Askenazi, and Dr. Hahn are nationally recognized allergists and can help determine if your symptoms are related to allergies and, if so, determine the source of the allergic response. This may be food or some other trigger. In addition to investigative efforts, they are also able to administer innovative forms of treatment to alleviate symptoms. Studies performed on asthma patients have shown that those under the care of a doctor specializing in allergy treatment experience fewer trips to the emergency room and are less likely to require hospitalization related to asthma. Chronic sinusitis, headaches and cough are often related to chronic inflammatory disease with underlying allergies.

Determining when you may need to see an allergist is the big question. Many people are referred to an allergist by their primary physicians. However, there are millions who attempt to treat conditions with over the counter medications, and still more who never realize their unpleasant symptoms are due to allergies.

Recognizing the need for specialized treatment can be life changing. Here are some of the reasons that might compel you to see an allergist:
  • Breathing difficulties or asthma that limits your quality of life, keeping you from work, school, or exercise.
  • You have been hospitalized after an asthmatic episode.
  • You get frequent sinus infections or have nasal symptoms that negatively affect your lifestyle.
  • Allergic rhinitis or asthma does not respond to non-prescriptions or current prescription medications, or such remedies produce undesirable side effects.
  • You notice symptoms, either mild or severe, after consuming specific foods or a food group.
  • Skin is regularly irritated, with itchiness or rash.
  • You experience hives.
  • Bee stings or bug bites produce a severe reaction.
  • You have eczema – patches of skin that are extremely dry and itchy, red, or scaly.
The Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates/Food Allergy Center of Illinois is a practice committed to results through personalized care. Their team treats patients from St. Charles, Geneva, and surrounding cities. Dr. Askenazi, and Dr. Hahn look forward to meeting you. Contact them at 847-888-8802 to experience the finest in allergy treatments.

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